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A Day in the Life of
the Wet Fish

Natalie Duncan -
Uncomfortable Silence

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Glory Box cover

Hang Massive -
Once Again

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For the love of food , wine, ambiance and café culture...

When we first saw 242 West End Lane way back in 2002, those gorgeous 1930s wall tiles were hidden behind decades of paint and plaster.  Turns out the space had been a classic 'wet fish shop' for most of the 1900s.  

What a discovery -- we just had to bring those Art Deco tiles back to life!

And that was the spark for this exciting, crazy journey and the unapologetic reason for our kooky name.

The Wet Fish is a labour of love, a space to indulge our passions and hopefully for guests to indulge their senses...

Still independently owned and run the Wet Fish has become a very busy place, a privilege for which we pinch ourselves daily.

In recent years our live music dinners and art exhibitions have taken on momentum and become mainstays.  We're passionate about them and love that so many of you look out for what's coming next.


Interview with owner Andre about the cafe, our community in West Hampstead and what inspires us, by local agent Chelsea Square >>

Our approach is simple:  to hire, train and nurture the most talented chefs and floor staff we can find, and to listen to feedback from you, our valued customers.

We hope to create a London classic here in the heart of West Hampstead.  The soul and character of the 30s wall tiles evoke a bygone era...  We'd say West Hampstead is enjoying a heyday right now, and we love being a part of it.

A big thank you goes out to you, our customers, and to those Art Deco wall tiles that continue to inspire us every day.


A Day in the Life at
the Wet Fish

When we celebrated our 10th birthday... an old church, 1000 candles, 4 courses, 2 live music interludes, 70 guests

"Almost worth inducing a hangover for!"
[re. brunch]

"A great neighbourhood deserves a café it can rely on like a good friend..."

Andre the owner

“Situated in a former fishmongers”, this West Hampstead “oasis” is – for its enthusiastic local following – “second to none”; the fish cooking is “delicious”, but the place is also “especially good for breakfast and brunch”.  


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