‍‍‍242 West End Lane

West Hampstead

London  NW6 1LG


020 7443 9222

(Evening reservations only)



MONDAY  12pm - 11pm

TUESDAY - SUN‍‍‍DAY  10am - 11pm


Brunch & Lunch until 4pm

Dinner 6pm - 10pm


A Day in the Life of
the Wet Fish

Natalie Duncan -
Uncomfortable Silence

Lisa Marini -
Glory Box cover

Hang Massive -
Once Again

Natalie Duncan -



Sam B‍‍‍rookes -

Book a Shoot Location

The Wet Fish has been used for photography, film and TV shoots by the likes of BBC Drama, independent film makers and fashion photographers.

We're used to hosting film crews and can also offer catering (and amazing coffee of course).  You can even film overnight‍‍‍ to optimise location costs.

"Every neighbourhood deserves a café it can rely on like a good friend..."

A‍‍‍ndre the owner

242 West End Lane

West Hampstead

London  NW6 1LG



‍‍‍020 7443 9222

(Evening reservations only)


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Lovingly curated programme of live music shows - not background, it's performance.

Music nights always fill out, so best to book early.

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Wine dinner at the Wet Fish

To check availability and enquire about fees please email us with the following info:

- date and length of shoot
- number of cast and ‍‍‍crew
- any special requirements such as venue alterations