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  • 1900 - 1916   242 was built, first occupants unknown
  • 1917 - 1929   Cecil Jones Fishmongers
  • 1929 - 1935   J (Johnny) Jones Fishmongers
  • 1935 - 1957   A (Albert) Jones Fishmongers (son of Johnny)
  • 1957 - 1989   R Rowe & Son Fishmongers (12 sites around London)
  • 1989 - 2002   the wilderness years (they painted over the tiles!)
  • 2003  The Wet Fish Cafe opened

Our Little Fish Tale

The Wet Fish is a cafe-brasserie with a passion for food, wine, coffee, music and art. We love cafe culture.

242 West End Lane was a classic 'wet fish shop' for most of the 1900s. The gorgeous 1930s Art Deco wall tiles were hidden behind decades of paint and plaster. We had to bring them back to life!

That was the spark for this exciting journey, the reason for our kooky name and for our slight bias toward fresh fish dishes.

Independently owned and run for 11 years the Wet Fish has become a very busy place, a privilege for which we pinch ourselves daily. (Watch our 10th anniversary video)

Our approach is simple: to hire, train and nurture the most talented chefs and floor staff we can find, and to listen to feedback from you, our valued customers.

We aim to create a London classic here in the heart of West Hampstead. The soul and character of the 30s tiles evoke a romantic era, and now in 2015 West Hampstead is undoubtedly enjoying a new heyday. We're loving being a part of it.

A big thank you goes out to you, our customers, and to those Art Deco wall tiles that continue to inspire us every day.

For the love of food, wine and cafe culture...

"A great neighbourhood deserves a cafe it can rely on like a good friend." Andre the owner

OK on to the food glorious food...