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242 West End Lane

West Hampstead

London  NW6 1LG


020 7443 9‍‍‍222‍‍‍

(Evening reservations only)


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MONDAY  12pm - 11pm

TUESDAY - SUNDAY  10am - 11pm


Brunch & Lunch until 4pm

Dinner 6pm - 10pm


A Day in the Life of
the Wet Fish

Natalie Duncan -
Uncomfortable Silence

Lisa Marini -
Glory Box cover

Hang Massive -
Once Again

Natalie Duncan -



Sam B‍‍‍rookes -

For the love of food, wine, ambiance and café culture...

Modern comfort food is simple food cooked well.  It means healthy eating as well as gorgeous food.  

‍‍‍Fish, meat and vegetarian dishes are made using fresh seasonal ingredients.

Stocks, sauces, cakes and ice creams... as much as possible are made fresh daily in our kitchen.

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‍‍‍242 West End Lane

West Hampstead

London  NW6 1LG



020 7443 9222‍‍‍

(Evening reservations only)


Modern comfort food...

"A West Hampstead culinary institution..."

Ham & High

"Excellent local cafe & brasserie"


Musical icons photographed by some of the world's greatest photographers...  

When the lovely people at RockArchive asked if we'd like to exhibit pics from a recent exhibition in the Royal Albert Hall...

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Established in 2003, the Wet Fish has been at the heart of West Hampstead life for nearly 15 years.

242 West End Lane was a classic 'wet fish shop' for most of the 1900s.  ‍‍‍When we first saw the space in 2002, the gorgeous 1930s Art Deco wall tiles were hidden behind decades of paint and plaster.  We just had to bring them back to life!

That was the spark for this exciting, crazy journey...

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"...accessible but imaginative cooking"

Caterer magazine‍‍‍

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