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Art Exhibits at the Wet Fish

Paintings, portraits, maybe a collection of handmade electric guitars...

If it takes our fancy and pops off our Art Deco walls, we'll hang it!

We aim to change it up every few months, sometimes featuring work from a single artist, other times we curate a group exhibition.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

ben levy montage


Kevin Westenberg, James Sparshatt & Nic Gotch

We're loving photography at the moment...  James Sparshatt is a fine art photographer s[ecialising in Latin music and dance photography whose work dramatically captures the vibrancy and emotional intensity of life.  Kevin Westenberg, renowned music photographer and now a regular exhibitor at the Wet Fish, has loaned us some amazing pieces which recently came off the walls of the Kobe museum in Japan.  And we discovered Nic Gotch's work at an art fair, where she explained how she achieved these images without any special effects, just a camera, some props and simple but ingenious techniques.

Email us if any take your fancy.


Group Exhibition

We're curating an evolving selection again...  Kicked off with two striking pieces by Paris-based artist Hervé Perdriel - 'Mick' (Jagger) and 'Bob' (Dylan), both fine art prints on aluminium.  We just can't resist music-related art... so invited back world-renowned music photographer Kevin Westenberg to exhibit a couple of pieces - his 'Massive Attack' is just stunning.

But it's not all music - also featured are prints by Paul West, dance photographs by Cody Choi and surreal, colourful feminine photographs by Carolina Mizrahi.  Enjoy!

Just email us if any take your fancy.

David Bowie


Captured in a Moment: 50 years of iconic rock & roll photography

Sept – Dec 2017

© Ian Dickson / Rockarchive

These pieces were in a recent exhibition at The Royal Albert Hall – Captured in a Moment: 50 years of iconic rock & roll photography – celebrating music’s greatest icons and influencers., a collective of the world’s leading rock’n roll photographers, asked The Wet Fish if we’d like to exhibit some of our favourites – we jumped at it!

The exhibition showcases classic moments shot during the artists’ careers, and includes rare and previously unseen images of some of rock’s greatest bands.  Be it on stage, in the recording studio, blatantly posing or candidly revealed, Rockarchive’s enduring images take us back on a fascinating journey through rock & roll history.

All prints are on museum quality paper, signed or estate-stamped and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Incidentally Storm Thorgerson, the photographer of iconic album covers such as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and of this cheeky shot titled "Back Catalogue", was a regular for many years at the Wet Fish.  RIP Storm.

Group Exhibition

During 2016-17 we had fun curating an evolving selection of art from the likes of Lhouette, Rob Bishop, Michael Abrams, Adam Butler, Ben Riley, Julio Brujis...

Some are originals, some limited editions and some are still available - just email us if any take your fancy and we'll see if we can source it for you.

Ryszard Rybicki

Ryszard Rybicki is a life-long painter born in 1961 in Poland and briefly attended Art School in Brugge, Belgium.  Since his first solo exhibition in 1987, his works have been shown in Poland, Germany and the UK where he moved in 2004. In his paintings he conveys the relationship between intellectual and emotional perceptions of the world. He has designed and provided art for domestic and business interiors and is a long-standing artist-in-residence at Mary Ward House in London.

Iconic 60s & 70s Lifestyle & Sports Photography

Chris Smith & John Reader

Chris Smith's career in sports photography started at the Observer in 1970. Six years later he joined the The Sunday Times, where he worked for over thirty years. He won The Sports Photographer of the Year four times and the Individual Sports Picture of the Year twice.

Chris covered every major sporting event including rugby and football world cups, horse racing, cricket, athletics, sailing and boxing.

This collection features a selection of Chris most renowned shots of Muhammad Ali. The images reveal the complex personality of one of sport’s most controversial and best loved characters. The works portray Ali's composure and confidence as well as his wit, intelligence and theatrical personality.

John Reader was a London-based photojournalist during the busy 60s and 70s, regularly on assignment at home and abroad for the Sunday Times, Observer and Telegraph magazines as well as for foreign publications – among them Paris Match, Stern, Epoca, Time and, in particular, for LIFE Magazine.

The subjects he covered ranged from the heart-rending – the Aberfan disaster, to the exotic – the Kings of Africa. The images are distinguished by his ability to capture the expressive off-script moment – as evidenced in the pictures exhibited here of Michael Caine filming Billion Dollar Brain in Finland, 1967, a Rolling Stones recording session in1967, and Yoko Ono & John Lennon in 1968.

Paula Wilkins & Michael Wallner

Paula Wilkins... how to describe her work? She likes to communicate ideas using a variety of mediums. Her images evolve, gathering characteristics at each stage which alter them through enhancement or degradation, dislocating them from their original state and intended meaning.

We've paraphrased from her own website and hope we've done her methods justice. In any case, we absolutely LOVE her "Tracing the Future" series showcased at the Wet Fish, in which she's given new narratives to iconic renaissance works. They vibrate off the walls!

Michael Wallner digitally manipulates his photographs to produce unusual art installations using a variety of sufaces and mediums. Here we have images printed directly onto brushed aluminium, giving an etched impression, and a neon Thames entitled "River of Light" mounted onto reclaimed wood -- we love it!

Kevin Westenberg

Photographer Kevin Westenberg is famed for his electrifying images of world-class musicians, artists and movie stars over the last 25 years.

He has captured many of the most admired and also controversial figures of the music industry.  His work includes hundreds of album, magazine and book covers from all over the world.

His pictures have a characteristic signature. You could say he captures the soul of the artist.

The Love Exhibition

A collection of pieces which took our fancy...  

To kick it off - a neon 'Love' sign by the one and only Gods Own Junkyard, just because...

Audrey, Marilyn and Rita paste-ups by Lhouette - limited editions of 35, hand-finished by the artist making each edition unique in colour and composition.

Record-breaking - literally! - artist Ben Riley uses broken vinyl and ground record dust to bring music legends to life on canvas.

Voodoo Child is a collaboration by Francesco Jacobello (top half) and Raffaella Bertolini (lower half) and the picture can hang both ways up.

Cody Choi

"Follow not only the movement but breathe with the dancers"

Cody Choi is a professional choreographer, dancer and photographer. He has toured the world with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and performed at The Royal Opera House and other major venues across Europe and Asia. Using his acumen in both dance and photography he creates intimate visual dialogues with his fellow dancers, capturing the life, joy and pure emotion of the moving body.

Adam Butler:  London Skylines

Adam Butler is a widely published and award winning photographer whose landscapes, cityscapes and other images are in hundreds of private and corporate collections worldwide.  The panoramas are created by stitching together many individual images taken with a specialist medium format camera and are therefore of immense detail and resolution.  Technically very few photographers are able to produce such beautiful and technically astute night time panoramas. These truly are truly inspiring works that celebrate our great city.

Lhouette:  Post Urban Glamour

Lhouette's unique style of art has made quite an impact among certain circles of the commercial art world, creating an ever growing army of enthusiasts and collectors including some of the UK's bright and beautiful celebrity figures.

His urban style lends itself as much to street art as it does to the world of pop art. Stenciling techniques, visually arresting colourations, symbols, images and text all executed through a host of mixed mediums, instil a sense of urgency and a ‘call to arms’ mentality on those who pore over his work. "If I had to label my style would be called 'POST URBAN GLAMOUR'."


Armando Tanzini

I borrowed this from a friend...  Loved the scale and it really created an impact in the room.

Armando Tanzini

Art Guitars

Custom guitar maker Steve Marlow collaborating with well-known artists...

Steve Marlow builds professional guitars for musicians, celebrity clients and collectors all over the world.  Here he collaborated with some of the UK's top current artists such as Inkie and Pure Evil to create these one-offs.  Every Marlow guitar is crafted with an obsessive eye toward the perfect balance of form and functionality.  All are for sale, stage ready.   Some also buy them as art pieces.


... and with an exhibition like this we HAD to have a music dinner with a guitar supremo!


Ben Levy

Ben Levy is a north London based portrait / figurative artist. People describe Ben's work as 'pop art with a rebellious twist'. He conveys everyday issues that have become fashionable through the press.

People love a story, so Ben tries to capture political, racial, sexual and many other topics in comic like scenarios using famous faces, well-known throughout society.His work is quirky and comical.

Ben explains:  'I love the fact that as these faces keep on changing, along with the stories, so can the paintings. Each change, each new feature, a wrinkle or a blemish for example can be added at a later stage, it makes me feel as though the painting is never finished and I love that, it seems corrupt to sell artwork that isn't finished and I think that says a lot about the ideas behind my work."


Nina Fowler

Nina creates incredibly detailed large-scale illustrations of early film stars and damaged starlets, capturing both their glamour and their rawness.

Excerpted from The Independent - One To Watch:  "Collectors of Fowler's precise drawings and sculptures of early movie stars include Jude Law, John Maybury and Jonny Lee Miller."


Rosie Emerson

The Wet Fish is showcasing five stunning works by Rosie Emerson - dramatic, intriguing, elegant.  

The Hackney-based artist is best known for her elongated depictions of women.  Since graduating in Fine Art from Kingston University In 2004, she has dedicated her practice to exploring the subject of the female image.  Emerson’s figures draw reference from archetype’s old and new, from Artemis to the modern day super model.  Depicted as solitary figures, the women are objects of desire trapped in enigmatic images of both irresistibility and impotence.  

"Rosie is a brilliant young artist and curator.  Her work – across photography, painting and drawing – is elegantly elongated, theatrical and really rather beautiful." Tom Jeffreys, Spoonfed


Jillian Edelstein

Since moving to London (in fact, she's a West Hampstead local!) from South Africa in 1983, Jillian has photographed hundreds of the world’s best-known faces, from Nelson Mandela to David Cameron, P Diddy to Woody Allen.

Excerpt from The Telegraph “Jillian Edelstein at the National Portrait Gallery”, 2 March 2009 :“There's more to Jillian Edelstein's portraits than just glamour.  Jillian Edelstein's work is exceptional.  The National Portrait Gallery is currently showing a retrospective of her prints, and they're not to be missed.

"Her work has shown internationally at venues including the Saatchi Gallery to the Royal Academy and in publications such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Vogue.  The National Portrait Gallery holds over ninety of Jillian’s portraits, and recently held a solo exhibition of her work."