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Modern comfort food is simple food cooked well.  It means healthy eating as well as gorgeous food.

We make fish, meat and plant-based dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients.  

Stocks, sauces, cakes, ice creams... -- all are freshly homemade here in our kitchen.

We never use additives such as stabilisers, emulsifiers or preservatives!

"Dishes are simple and fresh and rely heavily on the quality of ingredients"


We focus on local, wild-caught fish -- straight off Cornish dayboats and to your plate within 48 hours.  

If we use farmed fish, such as the beautiful salmon from Loch Duart >> or halibut from Gigha >>, we ensure the farm is reputable and never uses nasties such as antibiotics or growth promoters in their feed.

We use quality meat from UK farms with happy free-roaming livestock, most via our neighbours The Hampstead Butcher.  Our much-loved fillet steak is of the highest quality, larder trim cut and deserving of its reputation!

We care deeply about what we're eating and pressure our suppliers for provenance, quality and sustainability.

Behind the scenes at our fish supplier Flying Fish

"It would be criminal to miss out on the famous WFC martini..."

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Epic brunch/lunch deal

Monday to Friday - see daily chalk boards

A simple quick brunch for £7.70* inc a tea/coffee
* £8.70 with a juice/smoothie/wine, plus 12.5% optional gratuity

A simple quick lunch for £9.90* inc a tea/coffee
* £10.90 with a juice/smoothie/wine, plus 12.5% optional gratuity

Early Bird deal

Daily on tables returned by 8pm... and ALL evening MONDAYS - simples!

2 courses £21 3 courses £25 all cocktails £7