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Our music dinners are shows (not background, except on the rare occasions we do jazz).  The acoustics are beautiful, our clientele is respectful and the nights are truly special -- artists invariably want to come back.

How to get a gig

We're always scouting for music and artists who excite us and who might fit the vibe.

‍Gigs are only about once a month and so usually we have more artists than we have slots.

If you're interested in playing please get in touch>>.

Tech spec

- Yamaha sound desk with 8 channels, reverb etc.

- Yamaha P-125 digital keyboard (88 keys)

- 2 Mackie 1000W amplified speakers

- 2 mics (Shure 57 and 58)

- 2 passive DI boxes

- 2 mic stands

Note to drummers - sticks are always too loud, bring hot rods or brushes.

Soundcheck & showtimes

Please arrive by 5pm latest, leaving at least an hour for setup and soundcheck before guests arrive.

We take time to soundcheck and love getting it just right!  The room is reverberant with our tiled walls ie. muddy if we're not careful, and beautiful when we get it right.

Showtimes are usually 7pm for an hour, then 9pm for an hour (with a new audience).

Post covid, capacity is now only 24 people per show instead of 35.

"The last gig I did that touched my soul was at The Wet Fish Cafe' in West Hampstead. It was such a beautiful, small place to perform and I felt very at ease there..."

Natalie Duncan on