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Our music dinners are set up as shows.  They're not background except perhaps on rare occasions when we do, for example, a jazz evening.

Guests are dining but we ask them to respect the artist by keeping chat to a minimum and talking quietly during performance.  All tables are for only two people which keeps chat volume down and the music clear.

The acoustics are beautiful!  The tiled walls add a natural reverb which is truly special.

The nights have a following of music lovers and a growing roster of great artists who love coming back (even if only for the food ;-)

Who's on the roster?

We have many returning artists plus we're always on the lookout for new artists who excite us and we feel will fit the vibe.

We love singer-songwriters doing their own material (plus a cover or two to keep it fun).  Stripped down - solo, duo or trio - works really well.  

We've also organised evenings with less usual setups -- vocal harmony groups, a hang drum duo, a string quartet playing heavy metal and movie themes.... There's no set style but we know it when we hear it!

‍Gigs are only once or twice a month so we have more artists than we have slots...  If you think you might fit the vibe then feel free to get in touch>>.

Soundcheck & showtimes

Arrive 5pm latest to setup and soundcheck before guests arrive from 6pm.

We obsess over getting the sound right!  The room is reverberant so the sound is muddy if we're not careful, but amazing when we get it right.

Showtimes are 7pm for an hour, then 9pm for an hour with a new audience.

Post covid, capacity is now only 25 people per show instead of 35.

Tech spec

- Yamaha MG12XU sound desk, 8 channels, reverb etc.

- Yamaha P-125 digital keyboard (88 keys)

- 2 x Mackie 1000W amplified speakers

- 1 x Mackie 1000W foldback monitor

- 2 mics (Shure 57 and 58)

- 2 passive DI boxes

- 2 mic stands

Note to drummers - sticks are usually too loud, bring hot rods or brushes.

"The last gig I did that touched my soul was at The Wet Fish Cafe' in West Hampstead. It was such a beautiful, small place to perform and I felt very at ease there..."

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