‍‍‍242 West End Lane

West Hampstead

London  NW6 1LG


020 7443 9222

(Evening reservations only)



MONDAY  12pm - 11pm

TUESDAY - SUNDAY  10am - 11pm


Brunch & Lunch until 4pm

Dinner 6pm - 10pm


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We're proud to operate a fair tips policy...

"Atmospheric and welcoming local with attentive service"

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242 West End Lane

West Hampstead

London  NW6 1LG



020 744‍‍‍3 9222

(Evening reservations only)



We aim to deal with service charge and tips in a way which most reasonable people would agree is “ethical” but still brings financial benefits to both staff and customers.

Our tips policy at the Wet Fish is more generous than the government’s own Code of Best Practice on Service Charges, Tips, Gratuities and Cover Charges.

We believe ‘service’ is a team sport

Walking into a restaurant is a complete sensory experience – ‘service’ is the whole experience.  

Everyone from the kitchen porter to the people doing the training, to the chefs as well as your server today, are responsible for your experience.

Service charge is distributed fairly across the whole team, both front and back of house, so that everybody in the team shares in the success of the cafe.

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Transparency on Tips and Service Charge

100% of the service charge is distributed fairly across The Wet Fish Cafe team, both front and back of house, by an independent Troncmaster.

The Wet Fish Cafe adds a discretionary optional service charge to customers’ bills.  It’s designed to make life easier and to take the awkwardness out of tipping.  It calculates the conventional norm of 12.5% for you.


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